What Attendees Have to Say about Our Show

holiday musicIn our last email newsletter, we asked readers to share their memories of the Charleston Christmas Special, especially if they’ve been attending all 20 years!

Here are what a few wonderful audience members had to say:


Brad and Jennifer, we love all your shows and try not to miss any of them but we cannot have Christmas without going to your Christmas show. We love always the way you portray the real meaning of Christmas. May you continue to have many more shows. – Winnie and Bob


I live in N.C. and have come to Charleston for the last 10 years and make it a family tradition taking the whole family living in Charleston: son, his wife, 2 granddaughters and husband, 4 great grandchildren. Look forward to it every year. – Shirley


We moved to Mt. Pleasant in 2004 and since that time have attended every Moranz Christmas show with our grandchildren and their parents. Our oldest grandchild (now 11) was an infant when we took him for the first time. We have two additional grandchildren, ages 9 and 6, and they came each and every year, whether they were newborns or not. We are attending the show this year on Sunday, December 20, which happens to be the day our 9 year old turns 10!  This has been a Christmas tradition for all these years, and the children and adults all look forward to it.  Thank you, Brad and Jennifer, for your Christmas spirit! – Chris and Rosemary